SHOLICAR … that’s an unusual name – where’s it from?

Is this your surname? Do you also get this question all the time?

Well … the main purpose of this site is to give some genealogical / family history information relating to the English surname Sholicar.

Although very regularly spelt incorrectly as Scholicar – this particular  spelling is interetingly not even a historical variant of the name – though due to widespread illiteracy during the last few centuries & beyond there are many, many other historical variants on the name such as Shorlicar, Sherliker, Shallaker, Shalliker, Shorliker etc etc …

This site is authored by Jim Sholicar (see “About this site” for more info).

I have included a lot of information, originally researched by Debrett’s in 2002 (though I am not yet convinced that all data provided is totally correct as there seem to be some census records that contradict the conclusions made). Over time, I hope to add more details to prove / disprove these.

Hopefully – other Sholicars out there can add more via the ADD YOUR INFORMATION link on the left.

The main historical / location link that I can find seems to go back to “Shorlicar’s Mere” – a small area near to Martin Mere in Burscough, Lancashire (and a variant spelling of Shurlacres Mere).

I have also recently (Jan 2015) discovered local references to a Shorlicar’s Lane and Shorlicar’s House – which need further investigationsee Recent Jottings section for more details.

The bulk of this site was originally put together in 2006 & it has had the odd tweak added since – but a major update is well overdue.

It was most recently edited (slightly) in January 2015.

Please do add your comments / additions – they are very much appreciated & do get looked at!

Cheers, Jim


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  1. Diane Astley

    Hi,my family name is Sherliker and i have always wondered where we came from.Intersting.My dad and all his brothers are dead now so i dont suppose i will ever know the true origins of who i am.

  2. Hello, my middle name is SHERLIKER, fom my great grandmothers surname, how awful was that for me at school. No idea but they lived in preston at some point and ended up in Dewsbury West Yorkshire. My great grandma had a child to the squire where she worked, dont know if this has anything to do with this at all,

  3. Hi Jamie, got a few additions you may be interested in, get in touch it would be great to speak after so many years. Regards Les Sholicar (son of Eric and Hazel)

  4. Hello Jim. I just today came across a “Sheliker” in relation to my own family research. This was a Robert Sheliker who witnessed the marriage of my 4xgt grandparents, Thomas Parker and Rosamond Ashcroft at St. John’s Church in Preston. With a little further digging around, I found that this Robert had probably married one of Rosamond’s sisters 3 years earlier, per the Lancs OPC marriage ref:

    Marriage: 18 Apr 1790 St John, Preston, Lancashire, England
    Robert Sherliker – of this parish
    Ellen Ashcroft – (X), of this parish
    Witness: Roger Manwyn?; Wm. Hodgkinson
    Married by Banns by: H. Shuttleworth Vicar
    Register: Marriages 1786 – 1791, Page 394, Entry 882
    Source: LDS Film 94013

    I’ve tried to find birth references for Robert (c.1767) and any births of children he may have had with Ellen, but so far to no avail.

    Maybe you’ve got more details on him? My main aim here is to try to understand the family ties and connections at the time, between the Parker’s, Ashcroft’s and Sherliker’s.

    Regards, Mike.

  5. Hi

    I’m researching my OH’s family and have an Elizabeth Shorlicar born 1846 Ormskirk to John & Ann Shorlicar (nee Wright) who married in 1845 Ormskirk. John Shorlicar’s father Also John is, according to the marriage certificate, dead by 1845.

    I am having a problem in finding John Shorlicar Snr as there is more than one suitable candidate. Any suggestions?

    BTW Elizabeth married William Hambleton in 1870 Ormskirk.

  6. I have just added more information on the Ormskirk Sholicars.

    Any additional info gratefully received!

    Feel free to add relevant Surname-related comments – don’t be shy!

    Thanks, Jim